The dosage also varies for people who have been diagnosed with schizophrenia. This disorder in which people are unable to interpret realty normally, results in hallucinations and delusions. This substantially alter a person’s way of thinking and behaving. Similarly, it affects the way they interact with people as well as how they care for themselves. The common dosage for schizophrenia is 10 to 30 mg daily.
Even though Abilify is particularly known for its specificity in treeating psychiatric conditions, it does not alleviate dementia.

How should I take Abilify?

Strictly follow the prescription of your doctor. Since your doctor has observed and diagnosed your condition, he knows the appropriate duration and dosage of drug intake. The internet may offer a wide range of information about your condition but the necessary dosage varies among cases. Hence, you must stick to what your physician indicates on your prescription label.
Unless your doctor advised you, never take Abilify for a period that is longer than 6 weeks. Taking the drug for a long duration might cause withdrawal problems during cessation.
In addition, Abilify can still be taken without eating. The drug is available in solid and liquid forms. For tablets, ensure that the tablets are kept at a temperature that maintains its solid state. Room temperature that does not expose the drug to heat and moisture are highly recommended. During intake of orally disintegrating Abilify tablets, remove the drug and place it inside your mouth. Let the tablet dissolve without purposely crushing into pieces. Afterwards, swallow the dissolved tablet several times.
To obtain the needed dose for liquids, use a special measuring spoon or medicine cup to measure the exact amount. In order to preserve its content, store the liquid Abilify in a refrigerator.

What Other Drugs will Affect Abilify?

Prior to taking Abilify, it is important to inform your doctor of the medications you receive. Do not begin taking drugs and herbal supplements without the consent of your doctor. Some drugs interact with Abilify, which may lead to adverse reactions in the body.
If you receive 2D6 inhibitors, Abilify will have higher than expected blood levels. The elevated levels may lead to health consequences. Never combine these two drugs. However, if it is extremely necessary, the dosage of Abilify must be reduced to half.

3A4 inducers also interact with the normal mechanism of Abilify. 3A4 inducers lower blood levels of Abilify, which means the latter drug’s effect would not work well as expected. Thus, these inducers should not be taken with the anti-depressant.

Personal Abilify Reviews

Based on reviews, the drug manifests a positive effect in treating several psychiatric conditions. According to a patient, Abilify is recommended for people who intend to notice an immediate difference in behavior. When he used Abilify as an antidepressant for 3 days, he instantly felt a burst of energy. Even during a short duration of intake, patients were no longer bothered by occasions of anger and aggressiveness. They do not experience occasional mood swings that ruin their relationships.
Several individuals also value the effectiveness of the drug in inhibiting negative thoughts. They claim that they suddenly feel better about themselves because their brain focuses on their positive traits. In turn, they learn to value themselves more.

The proper dosage must be used in order to manifest the intended results. Since the appropriate dosage usually differs among individuals, you are advised to consult your physician.

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